Fragile By Design

Duo piano and trumpet version of my original composition, Fragile by Design.


You Know I Care

A performance of Duke Pearson's composition, You Know I Care.


Turn Out The Stars

A duo piano and trumpet version of Bill Evans' composition, Turn Out The Stars.



A recording of my original composition, Folklore.


Moment's Notice

An arrangement of John Coltrane's composition, Moment's Notice.


Blues For Duane

A quartet performance of trumpeter Freddie Hubbard's composition, Blues for Duane.



My big-band arrangement of Charlie Chaplin's composition, Smile.


Orthodox Fox

My original composition, Orthodox Fox, written for big-band.


From X to X

An improvisation over the structure of one of my original compositions, From X to X. Not with a live band -- but a bit of fun home recording.